Brand Activations

Exhibitions,TradeShows ,Instore Promotion,Door to Door Campaign ,Merchandizing ∧Availability Runs,Tent and Malls Activation,Supply of Merchandise-fliers,magazines,T-shirts,staff uniform and outdoor branding etc..

Experiential Marketing

We intergrate Above the line ,Below the line&Through The Line (TTL) marketing strategies for a complete 360 exprience.These includes Media Buying ,Outdoor billboard, Voice on hold, Customized Ad Ring-Back Tunes ,Customized audio and visual advertisement (TVC) Social Media Accounts Management,


We provide high quality audio & Visual services .These service include VoiceOvers, IVR & On Hold Messages ,ADR& Dubbing,Original Music & Sound Design for Radio, TV, Film & Documentaries Original Music & Sound Design for Games, Apps & Websites Sonic Logos & Ringtones etc.


We provide an integrated end-to-end live video conference on Real Time Streaming protocol(RTSP) . The content is transported over internet and broadcasted to a Content Delivery Network (CDN).organisation can take advantage of promoting their products and brands and keeping in touch with their targeted audience in the remote areas where other traditional media are unreachable



Bulk SMS Services is a fast , personal highly effective modern marketing and communication tool for campaigns and one of best way to achieve maximum is realtime schedule servic

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This is an automated telephone call service that delivers a recorded message, typically on behalf of an Organisation or a brand. Reach out to your clients ,prospects, staff, and or any targeted audience by flashing millions of robo calls in realtime for call to action (CTA) purposes.This service can be customized and automated for appointment reminders,broadcast simple message to client and replace the PABX as it is easy to deploy and cost effective.